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What Not to Do - The Dark Web Session 2

Yes, we wanted to know! We were curious about TOR and how to navigate and stay safe if daring to venture on the Dark Side, so we invited Charity Wright back.

On August 27, Charity Wright led us in Session 2 of Welcome to the Dark Side. She explained how to safely access the dark web and protect our identity.

This was a follow up workshop for ISSA Chattanooga attendees to learn how to safely access the dark web. We were guided through best practices to protect our identity while we are undercover, determine our intelligence priorities, and learn practical strategies to accelerate SecOps activities with dark web threat intelligence. It is all about collecting threat intel while remembering who is on the other side of your screen.

This was an amazing presentation with very valuable information and great advice for being wary and careful while also treating those you come in contact with on TOR with respect. Remember the Golden Rule, advised Charity. “It is important to remember that people are human on the dark web. Saying please and thank you goes a long way” advised Charity. We heard a lot of positive feedback after this event. Stay tuned for news about September’s upcoming event.

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