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On behalf of our members, their organizations, and our community, Chattanooga ISSA is pleased to help with candidate searches and organizational job openings by providing a direct link to information security opportunities in the Chattanooga, TN area.

Links to Job Postings


At ISSA Chattanooga events, we like to foster relationships for our members who have job openings at their organization as well as those looking for new opportunities. We provide networking time and job-related announcements at our face to face events, and we provide time during our virtual events as well.

If you are an active member or sponsor of our chapter and would like to have your company’s current security openings mentioned in our newsletter or at our next event, please contact us.


Our intent with this service is to:

  • Provide benefit to our member organizations that support the development of their staff through participation in our chapter

  • Assist members that are in the job search process

  • Strengthen the local security community by connecting talented resources to organizations with gaps to fill.

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