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My involvement in ISSA has opened up a community of cybersecurity professionals in not only my local chapter but throughout the United States and internationally.  The education and current research,  job opportunities, and friendships with my peers would otherwise not existed had it not been for ISSA. More specifically, I've been able to develop and sustain professional relationships that I can rely on going forward. In addition, serving as a chapter officer has helped strengthen my leadership skills, which in turn has made me more successful at my job.

   ~ William, Information Security Analyst

The topics at the ISSA events are relevant to today’s challenging Information Security issues that span all industries. In addition to great information and training through ISSA, the relationships that I have formed through this venue with both participants and vendors are long-lasting and have proven to be invaluable resources in facing common challenges.

   ~ Robert – Chief Information Security Officer










Networking - Deepen existing professional cybersecurity relationships and make new contacts locally or all over the globe.  The networking opportunities that ISSA provides enable great relationships and lasting connections.  Learn what other Cybersecurity professionals are doing and working on in your area and join us to share your experiences and successes!

Community - ISSA Chattanooga offers a way to get involved!  ISSA is the community of choice for international cybersecurity professional dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure.  At Chattanooga ISSA events, you can participate, learn, attend, and connect to other professionals.

Continuing Education - The Chattanooga ISSA Chapter conducts regular meetings, events, and virtual events to provide vital educational and professional educational and learning opportunities.  We offer in-depth education and training and current research and happenings in the industry.  Meetings and events connect you with professional in their subject matter expertise and help you to obtain skills and solve challenges to further your success.  ISSA also provides you with professional certification credits for attending educational events. 

Career Development - Maybe you are exploring a career in Cybersecurity or looking for ways to advance or climb the ladder.  ISSA offers you a network of over 10,000 professional to enhance your professional stature and expand your peer network.  The networking and training ISSA provides allows you to identify and access potential career opportunities.



ISSA Journal - When you belong to ISSA you receive monthly digital and quarterly hard copy issues of the ISSA Journal.  Every issue is archived so you can stay completely informed.   One of the best publications for Cybersecurity today, the ISSA Journal offers cutting edge articles on recent research, technical challenges, latest developments, and other in depth knowledge on the latest developments, issues, and challenges.  For those that desire a peer-reviewed journal written by experts, don’t miss this important benefit of ISSA. 

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